Practice Efficiency Suite

Maximize your practice – Complete your IMS all-in-one platform with these powerful modules.

Call Manager

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Maximize efficiency through an IMS software module tightly integrated with a state-of-the-art Vonage cloud-based phone system.   You can easily transition from your existing phone system and keep your existing phone number.


Simply click phone numbers in IMS to make calls.  Automatically pull up a patient information screen in IMS for incoming patient calls.  This screen not only gives you patient details, but allows you to make appointments, see patient statements, and many other activities.  Voicemails can be saved and managed in IMS.  The system even includes HIPAA-compliant online video-conference/meeting capabilities.


Appointment Reminders

IMS Appointment Reminders (part of the InTouch module) is seamlessly integrated into the IMS scheduling system. Send reminders by SMS text or email and receive real-time responses back. Automated voice message with real-time prompt responses is also available. IMS InTouch frees up your staff and helps reduce no-shows.

Other features include the ability to control the schedule for the time when you want reminders to go out and appointment messages can be completely customized according to the visit type. Real-time responses are visually shown in the scheduler.

Integrated HIPAA-Compliant eFax

IMS Fax Cloud provides secure, HIPAA-compliant, healthcare-specific eFaxing directly from inside IMS. No phone lines, no maintenance costs, and no waiting for a fax machine. Multiple faxes can be sent and received at the same time, and every user can send and receive faxes without ever leaving their computer. Easily organize and associate patient-related faxes with patient charts, and efficiently fax information contained in any patient chart.

Team Tasks

There is no shortage of tasks for every member of your team to remember, and most are critical to complete. Never miss an important task with the ability to assign tasks to various team members quickly and easily. Make those tasks impossible to miss, and have the system hold everyone accountable to completing tasks in timely manner.

Authorizations & Referrals Tracking

IMS has powerful, dedicated screens and functions to manage both authorizations and referrals. These functions are also integrated into the billing process for efficiency.

Management of these functions through IMS helps ensure no required authorization or referral information drops through the cracks that many times can derail getting paid for the work you’ve done.

Real-Time Chat

Experience quick and secure communication between individual or group team members through a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform seamlessly integrated into IMS. Share actionable information between team members at the point of care, in real-time. Patient information, documents, images and files can be instantly sent to another individual or group of team members.

Staff Management

In a busy practice, it always appears your entire team is busy. But are the right people where they are needed the most? Are you over or under-staffed in different areas, or parts of your workflow?

Generate a data-driven picture of patient load and more effectively assign your team. Analyze patient flow and allocate appropriate staff. Maximize your team’s time and skills.


Efficiently manage staff time with the IMS TimeClock. It makes clocking in and out both quick and easy. Comprehensive reporting is included.

IMS Drive Document Management

Store documents within IMS and eliminate manual pulling of files. Set and track access restrictions for better file management and security. All document file types can be stored and easy organization and search capabilities are included.


Most practices do a good job of tracking which patients have visited. However, many practices do not track other non-patient guests. Do you have record of which non-patient guests have visited your practice and when? Are you able to schedule non-patient visits without adding overhead?

IMS Guest is the answer to maintaining an electronic visitor log where you can conveniently schedule, check-in and track non-patient guests.

Dental/Medical Records Manager

Keep from wasting time and resources tracking records requests. The Records Manager optimizes managing these requests. Use a single screen to view, track, and send requests of all kinds.


Use Prospector to elevate your practice marketing through lead generation. Use practice information to make sure you uncover matched leads.

IMS Call Manager Video

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