The HealthTec Software Story

HealthTec Software, Inc. produces, sells and services software technology for the Healthcare Industry, both medical and dental. Our products and services meet the needs of single provider and group practices of all different sizes across many specialties, and give you the tools to efficiently run and manage your practice in a way that is both clinically and financially rewarding.

Interested in how we came to be?  Read on…


Beginning in 1986, ACC, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas met the important market need for complete, reasonably priced and easy to use software for medical and dental providers by creating a medical practice management system called FoxMed, and a dental practice management system called FoxDent.  These products were sold in the South Texas region until 1990 when a national dealer program was launched, resulting in rapid growth.  However, it was becoming clear that in order for the company to reach the next level it would have to make significant changes in its marketing strategy and business model.

At the end of 1997, ACC was acquired by PCH, LLC,  with the goal of making the practice management products an important part of a suite of products and services for the healthcare industry.  PCH kept the ACC group together in San Antonio to continue to develop and support the practice management systems.  In early 1998, PCH began a rewrite of FoxMed and FoxDent to make them year 2000 compliant as well as truly Windows compatible, state-of-the-art applications. The resulting products were called PCH Med and PCH Dent.   For the next few years, these practice management systems performed well as the flagship offerings of PCH.

In July 1999, only by the grace of God and with help from some incredible people, HealthTec Software, Inc. was founded by Vance Nelson, former VP of ACC and Senior VP of Product Development at PCH. It was formed from the Practice Management division of PCH, including all staff, to bring focus back to practice management products and services. The product names were also changed back to FoxMed and FoxDent. In 2001, a third product offering, the HealthTec Visual Scheduler, was brought to market.

By 2005, HealthTec began to greatly expand its service offerings and also move towards providing an integrated system including Electronic Health Records. This move allowed HealthTec to gain experience providing a truly comprehensive “end-to-end” workflow solution to clients. The practice management system was still sold as a stand-alone product named “HealthTec-PM”, but the focus was on end-to-end systems covering most software needs throughout a practice.

Since that time, HealthTec has moved forward in product scope and value with its own products as well as partnering with other healthcare companies known for their excellence to offer robust, award-winning software in the healthcare space.